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The Ujima Friends Peace Center is a ministry of the  Fellowship of Friends of African Descent.  The Fellowship is a 25-year-old Quaker corporation whose mission is to support the spiritual nurture of Quakers of African descent and provide opportunities for the sharing of their concerns.

1701 West Lehigh Avenue
             1701 West Lehigh Avenue

As the members of the Fellowship witnessed the media portrayal of high profile police violence and the resulting racial tensions, they were moved to take action that would lead to greater justice and respect.    One of the initial steps in response to this concern is the opening of  the Ujima Friends Peace Center in North Philadelphia.

The work of the Center is to reduce violence and provide a safe haven with educational, cultural and recreational opportunities for adults and young people. Initial activities,  as listed in the Fellowship Minute on State Sanctioned Violence include the following:

  1. Community Education. The Peace Center provides educational workshops and forums about community resources, neighborhood activities and legal rights. It has developed a conflict transformation curriculum known as Mpatapo or  Peace Works which is a culturally responsive form of the Alternative to Violence training. The Peace Center is supporting a “freedom school” this summer (2017) that will educate young people about social activism and peace making while enhancing their academic skills in the process.
  2. Peaceforce. The Center is working to be the base of operations for a “peaceforce” consisting of community based peacekeepers who are local residents with community relationships and street credibility. They will work to cultivate the capacity and inclination for the use of non-violent methods for de-escalating conflict.
  3. Disarmament.  The Peace Center advocates for improving the community based training of police and the disarming of our communities (including segments of the police force responsible for minor offenses) through the elimination of handguns, rifles and automatic weapons.

Come help us make peace!

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