Peace Center Training

Center's First Yoga Class
Center’s First Yoga Class

It is so exciting to see the space that we worship in transformed by the energy of the young people. Yesterday was the first full day for the Peace Center Junior Servant Leaders.. Dasha Halkin from the yoga class and Mai Spann Wilson and Nia Imani modeled lessons to be taught to the Freedom School scholars this Thursday.  How awesome to see these YBQ (Young Black Quakes) put their thing down in the community!!!! What an amazing day!

Servant Leaders Trained at the Center
Servant Leaders Being Trained at the Center


Servant Leaders are learning the Mpatapo Curriculum so that they can teach it to other young people in the Philadelphia Freedom School Network. Eventually 150 young people will be trained in peace making this summer.

Freedom School is here

Servant Leader Training at Cabrini College
Servant Leader Training at Cabrini College

The summer Ujima Friends Peace Center  Freedom School has started.

The first major program initiative of the Peace Center is running a summer Freedom School Junior Servant Leader Peace Program that will engage 150 young people from k-12 in a summer of enhancing literacy, numeracy, social justice activism, and “Peace Works”. We are training a team of high school students who will use the Mpatapo Peace curriculum to build, make, keep, and extend peace in the individual, community, and the world.

Servant leaders have been trained at Cabrini College and they are ready to work with young people. The Ujima Friends JSL Peace Force will conduct a community research project that will do outreach to 1000 members of the North Philadelphia community to explore what programs members of the community would like to see in the new Ujima Friends Peace Center.


We are up and running!  The Ujima Friends Peace Center had its first worship meeting with attention to business  yesterday. It was a powerful and experience and an exciting beginning to the work we have to do.  We discussed the Freedom School peace curriculum which we have developed and the freedom school activities for youth scheduled for this summer.  The young people will be surveying the neighborhood to assess community resources and needs.  We are also getting ready for our open house in August.

We plan to meet every Sunday at 2 p.m. at 1701 West Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, PA.  Come join us if you can.